Finding the Match: 40 Antibody Resources for xMAP®-based Multiplex Immunoassays

Selecting the right antibody that works for your specific assay is a daunting process that can sometimes lead to failure. A Nature article estimates that half of all of antibodies are ‘bad’. Whether you buy a pre-configured kit from a Luminex Partner or choose to build your own immunoassay, good antibodies are the foundation of great assays.

Fill out the form to the right to gain access to 40 commercial and non-commercial web resources and learn more about:

  • Off the Shelf Kits and Custom Assay Solutions
  • Sources for Proteomic Assay Reagents
  • NIH Sponsored Resources
  • Sourcing from Multiple Vendors
  • Unconventional Capture and Detection Molecules
  • User Review Websites
  • Optimizing and Validating Your Assay

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