Go Big: Multiplex Technology Can Help Scale Up Serology Screening


In the face of a pandemic, it is time to test the boundaries of what’s possible in large-scale serological testing.

Multiplex technology has allowed labs to simultaneously analyze large numbers of antigens in large-scale screening for SARS-CoV-2. Compared to ELISA, multiplex assays can shorten the time to results, minimize the volume of sample required, and eliminate excess labor by reducing the amount of testing that is needed.

In this White Paper, see how xMAP® Technology from Luminex—the most common and well-established platform for multiplex analysis—can take your serology testing to the next level.

  • Learn exactly how xMAP serology immunoassays work;
  • See how antibodies of interest are captured using specific antigen-coupled beads;
  • Read case studies about how xMAP serology testing has been used in clinical labs, vaccine research and development, transplant and HLA testing, and epidemiology and surveillance;
  • Compare three different instruments to determine which suits your lab’s experimental and budgetary needs.

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White Paper